Solusexplant® is a plant that effectively and sustainably treats problems of impotence, erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction and frigidity. This medicinal herb contains an exceptional active ingredient that acts directly on the system and gives more strength to the sexual organs.
By its principle, this natural product prevents phosphodiesterase, protein responsible for erectile dysfunction from acting, relaxing the smooth muscle of the corpora cavernosa and increasing the arrival of blood, thus making an effective erection possible. This plant is a real aphrodisiac because it is also recommended in the case of high blood pressure, diabetes and hemorrhoid.
This product is taken as a herbal tea. It is 100% natural and does not require a medical prescription to effectively combat impotence, erectile dysfunction and frigidity in women.

  • Do you suffer from sexual impotence or partial or total erectile dysfunction ?
  • Have you been experiencing this problem for a year or more?
  • Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction that is repeated at times,
  • Do you no longer have desire for sex?
  • Do you want to improve your performance and have a quality erection?
  • Do you seek orgasm and never arrive?
  • Are you afraid to take Viagra because it is addictive or unbearable or does your doctor forbid it because you suffer from a disease such as diabetes, hypertension or kidney failure?

Solusexplant® the best natural product, a sexual tonic to effectively fight impotence, erectile dysfunction and frigidity.

How SolusExplant Treats Sexual Impotence, Frigidity and Erectile Dysfunction

  1. il abaisse la tension artérielle
  2. entraîne la dilatation des vaisseaux sanguins
  3. permet une bonne circulation du sang dans les vaisseaux
  4. augmente l'envi à l'acte sexuel
  5. un véritable excitant
  6. renforce les organes sexuels et maintient une érection durable

src=_media/img/sq_icon/bv000017.ticon.png POWERLESSNESS, an evil that must be fought

Impotence remains in the foreground an evil that must be fought to save some homes and also bring some people out of their state of despair.
Impotence usually has several causes. Some are psychological and some are physical.
Whatever the cause of your impotence, it is advisable to start treatment very early for fear of never returning to your normal state.
Some believe that impotence related to a factor such as; Stress, depression, extreme fatigue, alcohol, drugs, or loss of interest in sex can be cured without treatment. This is not at all true because when your hard state, it creates organic blockages in you. You therefore need appropriate products to allow these organs to function normally.
Treat your helplessness and regain your joie de vivre, your self-confidence, thus enhance your image, give more cheerfulness to your partner.
With our products you will never regret.


What is impotence or erectile dysfunction?
Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man is not or no longer able to obtain, maintain an erection in order to perform sexual activity.
Impotence problems occur during sexual activity. Men who suffer from sexual impotence or sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction usually feel stressed. This condition usually affects their personality and very often influences their relationships with others.
How does impotence occur?
The penis consists of three blocks of erectile tissue, which are spongy cavities. Two of the blocks are at the back of the penis and the third surrounds the urethra. An erection occurs when blood flows through these spaces allowing the penis to be hard and stiff. A large amount of blood in these cavities allows the man to maintain his erection until the sexual act is performed. When blood does not enter the penis in order to keep it stiff and hard, it is currently called sexual impotence.
Causes of impotence
Sexual impotence can have various causes. The causes of impotence or erectile dysfunction are divided into two groups: psychological causes and physical causes.
Impotence due to psychological causes is often temporary and can also last over time. This impotence is observed in men under 35 years of age. The psychological factors of impotence in this case are as follows:
- Grief or loss of a loved one
- Unaccepted homosexual tendencies or feelings.
- Stress
- Physical or mental fatigue
- Trauma following a serious accident

Physical impotence usually due to a physical problem is more observed in men over 35 years of age.
Known factors of this impotence are as follows:
- Alcohol or drug abuse
- Age
- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- The hemorrhoid
- High blood pressure
- The size of the penis not in the standards
- Masturbation on a regular basis

Treatment of impotence
Try to treat or avoid impotence for the first time by following these tips.
- Exercise regularly
- Have a balanced and healthy diet
- Avoid drugs and alcohol
- Reduce stress
If after one or two months the problem persists, seek to see your doctor or simply order the product SOLUSEXPLANT to permanently treat your impotence.

src=_media/img/sq_icon/bv000016.ticon.png Powerlessness, our strength. A lot of advantage to buy the products

Solusexplant®, est différent du VIAGRA. Nos produits contre l'impuissance ne créent pas de dépendance; le traitement se fait sur une durée maximale de 4 semaines pour ceux dont la maladie est à une étape avancée et deux semaines pour les cas non compliqués. Il s'agit d'un traitement progressif et durables.

Il permet la dilatation des vaisseaux sanguins et aussi il est bien indiqué pour réduire l'anxiété et la dépression.
Achetez Solusexplant® pour finir avec les problèmes de troubles érectiles et augmenter votre désir sexuel.
Il est naturel et se prend en tisane. Solusexplant® est sans risques d'effets indésirables ou des contre-indications. Regardez ici Comment utiliser solusexplant

SolusExplant is cheaper compared to Viagra. A dose of solusexplant costs US$ 1.10 while a pill of Viagra costs US$ 13. For medical treatment, it is necessary to pay US$ 65 or 49.50 Euros. Therefore, the risk of side effects for treatment with Viagra must be measured.
Solusexplant costs only US$ 52.47 or 40 Euros
Its advantage is that it costs less than viagra, 100% natural, and is not addictive.

When people use solusexplant

  1. To permanently cure sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction
  2. To improve sexual performance
  3. To stimulate sexual pleasure
  4. To combat frigidity in women
  5. To fight against sexual fatigue

Confection for 1 liter
30 doses
40 Euros only


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Solusexplant, contre l'impuissance et la frigidité

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solusexplant®, contre l'impuissance, la frigidité et la dysfonction érectile

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