Product to increase penis size


Product to increase penis size in 1 month. It is an effective product to increase the size or enlarge the penis. An African product for a bigger and longer penis. This natural product is an ointment and a composition of plants (herbal tea) to enlarge the penis. Vergeus, is a product that increases penis size quickly; a product to enlarge your penis; a drug to have a big penis, a product made on the basis of natural recipes; a very easy natural method to enlarge the male sex; It is an ointment and herbal tea for penis enlargement and lengthening in 1 month. In 2 weeks or 3 weeks, you have visible results. The product should be used within 4 weeks. You can choose to use it for more than a month if you want to have a length of more than 2 cm. With this product you can save 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm, 9 cm or even 10 cm. Suppose you have a size between 10 cm and 14 cm in erections. You can choose to wear the size at 16 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 19 cm, 20 cm, 21 cm or even 22 cm.

Increase your penis size.

Increasing the size of his penis has become a big concern for some men for years. Men who complain of having a penis below the norm roam the net all day long in an attempt to increase the size of their penis. This suggests that these men genuinely care about size. Some would say that the size of the penis is not what matters, you have to know how to use it. Know how to use it. Yes it is true but not possible when a man finds himself in certain situations explained later.


Men do not only care about sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction but also about size because they know that a small penis has certain disadvantages and can really impact their performance in bed. For example, it is believed that the bigger a penis, the harder it is capable of erection compared to a smaller one. If the size of the penis is below normal, we are more likely to suffer or ejaculate too quickly without worrying if our partner reaches orgasm or not.



 The micropenis is this penis whose average size is less than 7 centimeters when erect in adulthood. The average size of the penis at the beginning of puberty, which is around 6 centimeters, cannot be called a micropenis. The causes can be multiple: . Insensitivity of tissues to androgens, . Malformations with or without chromosome abnormality, . Insufficient production of androgens.

Normal penis size varies from man to man. It measures less than 10 centimeters or reach more than 21 centimeters.
The average size of a man's penis is usually around 14 centimeters when erect.
A flaccid penis whose size is 6 to 14 centimeters does not prejudge the size of the penis.
At birth, the average stretched penis size is about 4 centimeters.
90% of newborns have a penis whose size is between 2.4 and 5.5 centimeters.
The average penis size at the onset of puberty is 6 centimeters.
Thus, in adulthood, a penis measuring less than 7 centimeters when erect will be called a micropenis.


Faced with all these concerns or indignation we are led to run behind the techniques and methods allowing us to lengthen our penis.
All techniques and methods are good, but the choice should be made carefully to avoid problems afterwards.
Many sites offer penis enlargement techniques. If we rely on the countless websites devoted to penis enlargement, we see that the problem is far from solved.
Creams, gels and lotions also make up a significant portion of the penis enlargement market. Their composition differs from each other but contain substances like aspirin, garlic which can produce unwanted effects.
With all these problems, we recommend our VERGEUS® herb to enlarge your penis in a few days without the risk of side effects

Why do we need to increase penis size?
Several answers have been sent to us by experts who have been looking into this problem of penis enlargement and lengthening for years. If some think that increasing the size of the penis is not important, others believe that the size, the shape of a penis plays a very important role in a couple.
However, one needs to increase the size of the penis in the following cases "according to experts in enlargement and elongation of the penis"
When our penis is below the norm.
When you have a micro penis.
When your partner asks for it if she sees it because a fulfilling sexual relationship is one that both parties are satisfied with.
When you notice that your partner is suffering from a large vaginal opening.
If you just need for an experience.
Are there really products to increase the size of the penis?
To this question we say yes. There are products to enlarge or lengthen the penis. But the observation that has been made, these products do not work on everyone. So it is very important to follow the advice for using these products. Do not forget also that today there are enough liars on the net who offer products to enlarge and lengthen the penis. So pay a lot of attention to these liars who offer products that can have harmful effects on the body.
Does Vergeus really work?
Vergeus works flawlessly. Vergeus is one of the best products to increase penis size.
Vergeus is a plant from Africa that has been used for a long time in some localities to enlarge and lengthen the penis. In these localities when a child is born and if it is a boy, every evening the leaves of this plant are soaked in water. The little boy remains seated for 3 to 5 minutes in the water. When the latter is big, no problem of micro-penis, impotence, erectile dysfunction or erectile disorders.
Vergeus has been designed for years to allow men who find themselves in need to enlarge and lengthen their penis.
Vergeus is effective and has no effect on the body.

vergeus is a plant root that works effectively on male hormones and allows the development of sexual characteristics in men. It is 100% natural with no risk of side effects. This product allows you to increase the size of your penis in 1 month. From the 2nd month, you will notice an increase of 3 centimeters. How vergeus works? . It improves the production of androgens (male hormones) . It allows a quality erection . It acts on the cremaster muscle and prevents the penis from retracting during cold weather or at times of stress.

How to use vergeus?

NB: you will receive the herbal tea and the ointment at the same time, Both must also be used at the same time.



Pour the product into a bottle. Add 1.5 liters of water. Stir for 1 minute to get a good mixture Begin treatment after 24 hours. A small glass morning and evening for 1 month. 


Apply the ointment twice a day (morning and evening after the shower) on the penis and massage it by pulling it. NB: Follow the evolution of your penis carefully. If after a month you find the desired size or standard, automatically stop use.

Produit pour augmenter la taille du pénis en 1 mois. C'est un produit efficace pour faire augmenter la taille ou de grossir votre pénis. Un produit Africain pour un pénis plus gros et plus long.

Mathieu de France a écrit:

"j'avais déjà commandé avec vous. je voudrais encore le Pack 2. J'ai une question aussi à vous poser: Peut-on utiliser le produit sur un enfant de 6 ans. Je voudrais si possible l'utiliser aussi sur mon enfant qui a un très petit zizi.

Robert du canada a écrit:

"Je doutais de ce produit, mais j'ai découvert par la suite qu'il est efficace. depuis je n'ai plus honte quand je suis à la piscine avec mes collègues"

James de la France a écrit:

"votre produit m'a donné des résultats spectaculaires seulement en une semaine"

Samuel de la RDC a écrit:

"Merci à vous. Avec Vergeus, j'ai allonger ma bite et depuis je satisfait pleinement ma femme."

Prakis de Belgique a écrit:

"je voudrais savoir si vergeus a encore d'effet après 1 mois d'utilisation. J'avais utilisé le produit et j'ai gagné 1,5 cm et il reste un peu. après 2 mois je voudrais encore ajouter 0.5 cm. ou bien dois-je encore acheter 1 pack.



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