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The impotence is a great psychological difficulty that remains in the foreground, except in cases of deficit in testicular hormones.
the erection of the man is his reason for being, a sign of virility and strength, and loss of erection is the fear of all men, whatever their age. impotence is a major factor in marital conflict, and therefore not having the good sexual performance or the same rigid erections would be a big problem for a man who wants to keep his partner happy.
We talk about the erectile dysfunction when a man can't have an erection and maintain it long enough to reach full sexual intercourse at least in 50% of occasions. In medical language, one we talk of impotence if ED occurs often or it becomes regular, it can affect self-image and sex life of the two partners.
Most men have an occasional episode or brief periods of erectile dysfunction. Worldwide, approximately 36% of men experience erectile dysfunction a regular basis. It is common in men over 64 years but it may also occur in middle-aged men and even among the youngest.


The impotence can occur when something disturbs the process of the body that allows you to have erections. This process included the brain that controls the five senses ie sight, touch, yes, smell, taste and thought and the nerves that transmit messages from your brain to the body and blood vessels penis that swells to allow blood to pass. Many obstacles can disrupt these steps and lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction.
Among the myriad of  reasons we can cite:
* The physical causes include blood vessels that can block blood flow to the penis. We should also specify the diseases of the nerves that carry messages of sexual stimulation from the brain to the blood vessels.
Some diseases will also lower testosterone levels or the rate of other male hormones and cause impotence. We have among other diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypogonadism (which leads to a decrease in testosterone levels), liver failure and renal failure, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, radiation on the testis , stroke, obesity, smoking, alcoholism.
* Psychological causes: thought and feelings can lead to erectile dysfunction.
If you experience sudden deterioration in the level of your erections, and that this situation does not occur during every intercourse then the cause may be psychological and among key psychological factors are: stress, problems at home or problem of depression, disorders, hidden sexual orientation , sexual anxiety, fear of not satisfying his partner, sexual weariness or disgust.
Some factors are part of everyday life and are easily detectable, so remember to analyze your pace and habits and look for the cause of your impotence yourself, then do consult a doctor or at least talk to your partner and seek good solution to your problem. A wide variety of products and techniques are at hand but we must make the right choice. 


There are several methods to combat the sexual failure. Among this methods, some daily behaviors that we should abandon for example by stop smoking. Add to your habits, the physical activity  that can ensure a better blood circulation, it promotes rigid and long time erections;
Reduce your stress.
Some techniques such as pumps, injections, penile implants and medications out of chemical supplements produce the desired result but many side effects are associated with these techniques, which makes their practice or use almost unbearable.
The  natural supplements have been used to overcoming sexual dysfunction. Herbal medicines are known for their safety and efficiency without risk of side effects or complications. SOLUEXPLANT® has been known for years for its success in treating sexual disorders.
solusexplant ® effectively treats erectile dysfunction and frigidity:

  1. It lowers blood pressure
  2. Allows dilatation of blood vessels
  3. Allows a good circulation of blood in the vessels
  4. Increases the sexual desire.
  5. A stimulus for sexual intercourses
  6. Strengthens the sexual organs and maintains a lasting erection

Do you suffer from sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction, frigidity and anorgasmia problems?
Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction problems, which occur at times?
Do you want to have quality erections?
Do you want to find your sex drive?
Solusexplant ® the best natural product, a tonic for sexual effectively combat impotence, erectile dysfunction and frigidity .

By his component, this natural product inhibits phosphodiesterase, a protein responsible for erectile dysfunction to act, by relaxing the smooth muscle of corpus cavernosum and increases the arrival of blood, thus making possible an effective erection. This plant is a genuine aphrodisiac, because it is also recommended in cases of hypertension, diabetes and hemorrhoids.
Solusexplant ® does not create dependency. He heals effectively and sustainably impotence, erectile dysfunction and frigidity. It allows the dilation of blood vessels and also it is good for reduce anxiety and depression.
Buy Solusexplant ® and ending  the problems of erectile dysfunction and increase your sexual desire.
It is natural and is took as herbal tea. Solusexplant ® is without adverse effects.See here to know how to use solusexplant
solusexplant is cheaper by contribution to Viagra. A dose of solusexplant costs U.S. $ 1.10 while a Viagra pill costs U.S. $ 13. For medical treatment, it costs U.S. $ 65 or 49.50 Euros. So should we measure the risk of side effects to treatment with Viagra.
Solusexplant costs only U.S. $ 52.47 or 40 Euros.
Its advantage is that it costs less than Viagra, 100% natural and does not create dependency.

In which case people use solusexplant

  1. To permanently cure sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction
  2. To improve sexual performance
  3. To boost sexual pleasure
  4. To combat frigidity in women
  5. To fight against sexual fatigue

The package for 1 liter
30 doses
only 40 Euro 

Currency prices

SOLUSEXPLANT Euro Dollar us CFA Argentine Peso(ARS) Brazilian Real(BRL) Canadian dollar
Pack 1 30 37.44 19678 168.70 77.55 38.39
Pack 2 60 74.88 39356 337.40 155.10 76.78
Pack 3  90 112.32 59034 506.10 232.65 115.17
1 Solusexplant® = 40 euros 30 eur
Pack 2 Solusexplant® = 80 euros 60 eur
Pack 3 Solusexplant® = 120 euros 90 eur
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solusexplant against impotence


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impotence and erectile dysfunction: need to know

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solusexplant®, against impotence, frigidity and erectile dysfunction

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Our natural products are guaranteed without risk of side effects or complications. These are purely natural products without mixing with a chemical.

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